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6x9.21, 91-page, lined notebook Vibrant images spanning both front and back of these Personal writing journals that pack and stack for your next retreat, get away, self-reflection, career planning, motivation and empowering steps to an inspiring experience.


Each cover is easy to recognize and wipe clean. Each glossy color cover will inspire anyone to write out their needs, wants and desires on a healthy path of discovery.


Great gift ideas for anyone who improving their mental health, strategizing the future or needing to just get things down on paper to burn after reading.


Collection includes

My Next Move

Growing Ideas

Dreams and Visions

Meditation and Manifestation


A new idea in self-reflection: WRITE. RIP. BURN. Journaling just for burning

Burning Thoughts

Heal My Grief

Campfire Confessions 


Simply write out your thoughts, desires, requests, prayers and plans, tear them out of the journal, rip in to pieces and send into the flames and out into the universe.  Let it all go and empower yourself!


Live it. Write it. Remember it.


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