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About US

It's really all about life experiences and making memories for us!

As the years have passed, it becomes more challenging to remember the details of those memories. 

Memories that should not be kept by photos alone. 

Remembering the connections, the feelings, the details in the smiles, the tears, the trophies

and the years are priceless to the future stories that will be shared. 

Over the past 25 years, my husband and I have enjoyed outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, gold panning, metal detecting, hiking, boating, gem stone hunting, foraging, kayaking, trail blazing and traveling coast to coast.

We've known home to be living on both Pacific and Atlantic islands, engaging in local cultures and meeting fantastic and inspiring people all the while calling Northern Michigan our home.




Created from life’s adventures

for life’s adventures.

It's Prime Time To

 Live it. Write it. Remember it.

Prime Time Journals offer a premium line of personal writing notebooks and guest books.

Designed to invite you back to basics with easy to pack and stack lined books with vibrant covers that inspire outdoor adventure, daily memories, keepsake notes, recipes, hobbies, seasonal activities, self-care and empowerment. 

Prime Time Guest Books bring beautiful images and guest experiences to life noting moments that matter to them that will matter to you for years to come.


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